Indianapolis Home Show 2013

We try and go to the Indianapolis Home Show every January.  It's something to look forward to in the middle of the cold winter.  Sort of like Wednesday to the work week.  Now that the Home Show is over, I know I'm past the halfway point of too few hours of sunlight and too many days of bad weather.

This year's house was interesting.  Right or wrong, I'll tell you what I think.  I liked most of the furniture, but I would get rid of half the"stuff" they had sitting around. I would literally pack it up and take it to Goodwill.

I want these beds!  But that "thing" hanging on the wall between the beds would be in the Goodwill pile.  It looks like two designers were having a battle on who gets to display what, so they both just started sticking stuff up.


I love this bed too--but only the bed.   Again, way too much stuff.  Also, if you're going to have old beds, I think you should have wood floors, but that's just me.  : - )



This is kind of cute, but mainly because it is so retro.  





The word that comes to mind here is hate. It should be in a haunted house.

The bathroom was awesome just because of the monstrous shower.  Ten people could fit!


You're still looking at the shower-very castle like.  It looks cold like a castle too, but I suppose I could learn to like it.


 The bathtub was in front of the shower.

I love old, but not like this.





I love this door!

I'm trying to decide if the the pics are too far apart.



This is a really pretty staircase.


And when we were done, we ate. : - )