Happy Birthday to Reagan


 Remember in 2010 we adopted Remi (in red)?  At the same time Teri was adopting Reagan (right) and Jan was adopting Abigail (left).  Remi and Abigail were best friends in China, but Jan and I did not know each other then.  We were using the same adoption agency and met online.  We saw our girls were best friends and started talking on the agency yahoo group.  We were both shocked to learn we are practically neighbors.   My preacher says Christians should not use the word luck.  We are receiving blessings from Him, the one and ONLY true God, Jesus Christ!!


 Teri, Jan and I worked on our dossiers together.  Jan got Abigail 2 weeks before Teri and I traveled to get our girls plus Mike and I also got Shepard.  Now all 3 of us are adopting again. Teri is getting a little boy and Jan is getting another daughter.


Friday Reagan celebrated her 3rd birthday with her new family.  Reagan's Mom knows how to show the girls a GREAT time and I got to tag along. We went to StoneCreek.


 Oh, and Bret always tags along too.  She and Teri have this special little bond "thing" going on.  I have to laugh, I don't text, but Teri and Bret do.  Lael sometimes talks/texts/or something with my girlfriend Ginger.  I'm glad I have nice friends.



 Did I mention Teri spoils the girls?!






After dinner we did a little shopping.






Teri took them into Bath and Body and let them each pick out something.





Just to make sure they REALLY had a good time Teri also took them to Skyzone