PA PA PA PA PA PA!!!!!!!!!

I know we should have gotten our PA a long time ago, right?! Well, we did, but this is a different PA. Introducing... him! He has no name yet. : - ).


OK, ever since we decided to adopt last summer I secretly (big surprise) wanted to bring home two. As Christians, we all have, or should have, a sense of what God is calling us to do. In my case, I just felt if God would allow it, and he would make a way for China to approve it, why not try and give another one the gift of their forever family. I've been praying for months. First, about the money and second, it had to be one in a Province we would be in already. Not much of chance he would be in our first son's orphanage. It is really small and most of the kids there have severe SNs. Of course, he would have to be the right child for our family too.  My life is really easy right now and I'm too old for stress.  AFTER ALL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT #12. : - ) The other night I saw one of the great adoption advocators (and there are not very many) post late at night about some kids. I was looking through the kids and noticed this little guy spoke Cantonese. I thought... Yes, he has to be in Guangdong!! Turns out he is from the same orphanage as 5 of my other kids.

This is what it said about him:
He is a "top A" student who has a minor heart issue. He speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and one other dialect. He has been in the same foster home for four years and has younger, and older, foster sisters. It said that he is smart and outgoing, although he was shy in front of us (the people writing the report). Such a sweet, pleasant boy, who smiled a lot, just not when a camera was pointing at him! He has friends in the process of being adopted so he understands what it means and wants a family for himself.


Talk about double jointed! Holy cow, I thought Cokie had cornered the market on that.


I might have been a little scared off by his silly pictures if everyone hadn't reported such good things about him.!! He sounds a little like Lyric--smart and CRAZY!  The report we got about him also said this:
He is in 2nd grade. He is a smart and hard worker. He is doing well in school. He gets along well with other children in school. He has very good personality. He is very outgoing and active. In his spare time, he likes watching TV and playing brain games. Except for his heart problem, he is healthy. He gets cold occasionally.


I talked to a lady that met him just a few months ago and this is what she told me about him:
So glad to hear this and so happy that you are sharing it with us!...It’s a blessing to see these kids that we worked hard advocating for get matched…the biggest thing I remember about him is that we thought he was super cute and when we went to take a pic of him it didn’t “capture” him…so she took quite a few and every time the picture was not great compared to what she saw…he sounded like great kid…so glad he has a family!...


Like usual, God is in the adoption business. How do I know besides the fact he commands us to take care of the widows and the orphans? For a lot of people they feel God closer during their adoptions than any other time and that has certainly true with ours. Besides the money coming through for #2, something really crazy happened when we were applying to immigration. The day our homestudy was completed and we were sending off our I800 to immigration, I was all smiles. That was until Mike told me he only filled it out for one child. I was like.. you didn't? Still I was calm and said, "Oh well." I was thinking that God was just saying no to getting two this time. Mike however, took it upon himself to call FedEx and asked them to send the package back to us.  FedEx told Mike they would intercept the package and send it back to us the next day. The next day came, but no package.  Mike called FedEx and was told it was too late for the package to be intercepted and it had already been delivered.  I told Mike not to worry about it. Again, I just sighed and thought God said no again. We both forgot about it.  The next day was a Saturday morning and Mike had went to his office to do a little work.  He called from there and said, "FedEx just called and said we are getting it back today!" We were both in shock.  Sure enough, the package showed up, so we were able to fix the I800 and get approved for two kids instead of just one!