Lael meet Amy


This is cute, cute Amy.  Her Mom and I are cyberspace friends and she tells me Amy loves my blog.  How sweet is that!  Thanks Amy! The really sweet part though is Lael is her favorite person on here.  I think these two need to get to know one another.  BTW, Amy, tell your Mom those are beautiful roses behind you.  : - )


Amy just swam in the junior olympics and is a committed athlete to her Beach Cities Swim Team!! She and her sister,  Quinn practice together every night for 2 hrs.


 Beth's girls

These are some of Amy's siblings.  OMW, are they gorgeous or what?!!


Her Mom said over Christmas she became "crafty Amy" and made potholders, duct tape wallets and friendship bracelets!  Amy you should send a friendship bracelet to Lael! She would love it.  


Amy, this was Lael getting off the bus from her church retreat Sunday.  I picked her up at noon, she went straight to work, then helped us celebrate CNY for 45 minutes and then had to run to one of her babysitting gigs.  I'm sure somewhere in there she found time to study too.   Don't you think these two girls would have a lot in common?!  They are both obviously driven.


I took this of Lael tonight. So, Amy I'll send your Mom her email!