Happy Valentines Day

My sister made these and took them in for the kids' teachers.
The kids had to make their Valentine Boxes for school at home. Lucky for me the older kids like to help! Arden help Cokie make this bird house.
I helped Lyric with this one, but it was her idea. She wanted one with lights. : - ) Cokie just happened to have lights with with a battery. They came with her origami kit she got for CHRISTmas. How lucky is that?!
Then there was Shepard's. Can you tell his are super heroes? He was so excited this year. He has been here since the summer of 2010 and recently his personality has changed. He is just seems happier. I think some of it has to do with his English getting really good and school beginning to come easier for him. Since we got him he has always liked school, but he struggled a little to keep up. Twice recently he has made the top Math grade on tests in his class. Two days ago Mike even heard him in his room singing "Happy Day!  Happy Happy Day!....." We never let him know we hear him singing or he'll stop.  From the start though we have often heard him singing in the bathroom or what I like to call chirping since when he does it you know he is really happy. The interesting thing, though, is when we got Stafan for several months he would say "Thank you Momma" constantly.   As sweet as it was, it was also pitiful how appreciative he was  to have a Mom.   Then we got Shepard.  He has been an easy kid too, but he also came with a temper and could get mad easy.   Recently, since he has started acting more content he constantly has  been going around the house thanking me through out the day. His thank yous aren't pitiful like Stafan's were though.  Stafan's came from gratitude.  Shepard's are coming from finally feeling safe and deciding he likes us.  

Last, but not least, my Stafan's.

And, my Godivas that I get on February 15th!! You know after they go on sale. Don't judge. We are going to have a dozen kids. : - )