House shopping

OK, it was really just window shopping, but nonetheless, it was fun. I spotted this really pretty neighborhood. The houses were new, but it was like traveling back in time. The neighborhood is near Carmel. Living in Carmel means you're living on the right side of the tracks. I'm OK living on the wrong side of the tracks, because I don't need the pressure!!


I'm sure these homes are gorgeous in the summer!
Notice the doors on the second floor. I really like the dark doors up against the white. I like the blue porch and the gray shutters. I'm wondering if they just haven't had time to paint the black railing. It needs to be white too.


I love this place because of the side porch. It reminds me of what your grandma would have had and so do the green shutters. Again, the front door really shows up. Look at the french doors on the right.


This house is just awesome and my favorite one. It is me!! Not because I think I'm awesome, but because my dreams are.



After looking at this roof I'm thinking these houses might be around 10 years old (only because my roof is starting to do this and that is how old our's is).


The colors all look great together, but they are just not in my dreams.


This one has plenty of personality too.
Is that like a... duh?!


I would have never thought to use these two greens together. Do you think they had a professional? I do--especially since it is on the right side of the tracks!!
Look at their dog watching us.







I think they were talking about me.