Warts and all...


No seriously I believe in telling, no not really, but showing it all.


Lyric and I got warts!  Yuck.  I hadn't had one since I was a kid.  Our dermatologist said they see 40 to 60 patients a week with them.  Gross!  Kind of interesting though.  : - )


Poor Lyric.  Getting some of hers taken, and burnt off were really painful!!  My kids have gone through a lot and Lyric even had open heart surgery in China, but they put you to sleep for that.  Lyric tried to be tough, but the tears finally started to fall. 


Honestly, I didn't even know Lyric had any.  I did know she started wearing socks all the time.  I had asked her several times why she didn't take off her socks. 


Usually in the summer Lyric loves her flip flops.  I had noticed she started wearing her tennis shoes a lot more.  Several times I had told her to take her dirty tennis shoes off and put her sandals on.  Tuesday Lael came in and said, "Did you know Lyric has warts?!"  Wednesday I made us both appointments and today we saw the doctor.  So, now Lael  has informed me she would be inspecting the kids once a week.  I told her fine by me.  I can use all the help I can get.   


Actually, the cutting didn't hurt too bad, but the zapping on the bottom of the feet did!  For some reason some they cut off and some they zapped???  So, we don't know if Lyric gave me hers or if I gave her mine.  I only had two, and one was on the bottom of my foot.  Lyric had too many to count.