Smitten in Pigeon Forge

Smitten in Pigeon Forge.  This was absolutely one of the cutest babies I ever had the pleasure to hold.  And I got to hold her all evening.  While on vacation, we were blessed to be able to meet up with friends who live in China but back home visiting Tennessee where they are from.  We were staying in Gatlinburg, and they had a cabin in Pigeon Forge, which was only about 20 minutes from our cabin.  I went ape over my friend's new grand baby!!  


Her name is Piper and she is 4 months old. 



Piper's Mommy is a nurse and her Daddy is a doctor.  






I wish I had gotten pictures of all the cute little relatives of our friend.   Her little great nieces love this baby to pieces.   They too held the baby... until we got there and I grabbed her.  They got to give baths etc...  They were so sweet though and let us (mainly me) hold the baby all night.  When it was time to go one cute little blond girl whispered to me, "When it is time to go hand me the baby."   I realized then how sweet of the girls not to say a word or try and take the baby from us.  : - ))))



Lael was able to take the baby away from me for a while.  Remi and Cokie also held her for a few minutes.