The Pushover


Seriously, Stafan thinks his Dad would cross me on this?  It is kind of cute though I guess...


Me:  Mike look at this.

Mike:  It is official.

Me:  What?

Mike:  They think I'm a pushover with things like that.

I didn't dare respond with what I was thinking, but it was along the lines of "if the shoe fits. . . ."




One question I get a lot--and it always puzzles me--is "do they like each other?"  I tend to think a lot of people who haven't experienced adoption just can't grasp that an adoptive sibling relationship can be as strong as a biological sibling relationship.  Or maybe it is simply because a lot of people (like the ones who ask me that question) don't get along with their siblings.  After all, a lot of siblings do not like one another.  But not these guys.  They are together constantly.  Usually, there is always an empty bedroom in the house, because they all love "hanging" with each other.  The girls never fight or argue, but the boys do a little.  Still, they want to be together.