Four Good Boys

We went out to eat the other day and Boone said, "Thank you Momma."  Arden told me he was thanking me for the Coke.  She asked him if he got Coke in China and he said, "Yes, when bà ba (Mandarin for Dad) came."  Boone lived in an orphanage.

Pryor liked his foster family and said he got Coke when they had company.  Pryor looked the healthiest of any of our kids when we got them, with the exception of his teeth.  I think he was treated good.  But when asked if he wants to go back and live with them, he always has said no. 

Shepard told me just the other day when he was in China he was really sick and went to the hospital.  He said he got sick from eating out of a trash can.  I'm really surprised someone took him to the hospital.  He lived in a foster home, but has never had anything good to say about his foster family.  He was a real mess when we got him.