Nothing Short of Amazing!

O God, You are awesome from Your sanctuary. The God of Israel Himself gives strength and power to the people. Blessed be God!

Psalms 68:35

OMGoodness! It is awesome to be used by God. In return you're blessed with something, or in this case someone you can take with you to Heaven, but meanwhile here on earth you get the enjoyment of these precious little ones to call your own. It is much sweeter and satisfying than cars, diamonds and fancy homes-things that only give you a temporary high and will be left here on earth when you leave it.

I'm talking about my friend Jan who I know feels totally blessed to have been given the opportunity to change this little girl's life.  And boy did she! In late spring Jan and her husband adopted this gorgeous little girl who was blind in one eye. If the eye was not given medical attention eventually it would deform her beautiful face--and seriously she is beautiful!  Her procedure was completed the other day, and it is amazing how perfect it all turned out and how great her eye looks.

photo 1

Hannah before

photo 2(1)

Hannah after


Jan her new Mom is in front in the black. 

The funny part is how it all worked out.  Jan and Greg have about as many kids as we do.  Besides their biological kids, they have kids from China, Vietnam and Ethiopia.  When we decided to adopt this last time, I had been trying to figure out what agency to use and started looking at pictures of kids.  I ran into Hannah's picture and I REALLY wanted her.  Even though Hannah doesn't remind me of Bret now, the first picture of Hannah did.  Hannah was with an agency though that was more expensive than other agencies I was also considering. When we decided on another agency, I even had them call Hannah's and ask if they would switch her file, but Hannah's agency wouldn't.  So just a few days later, I told Jan I had a pretty little girl that she needed to adopt.  I've had the exact same thing done to be more than once.  : - )  Two different times people showed me a picture that I couldn't resist, and one of those times we ended up finding another waiting child and adopting them both on the same trip!  Anyway, Jan said she and Greg had made an agreement that there would me no more kids.  But she told me to send her the picture of Hannah anyway.   I did, and Jan fell hard for her immediately.   Jan emailed me and told me to send the picture to Greg.  You have to understand Greg is the CEO of a large company, and I was thinking I was not going to bug him (Jan is probably thinking about now, "why are you OK bugging the big wig CEO's wife, but not the big wig CEO?!")  Well, I didn't send it until Jan emailed and me that simply said, "Send it!!"  I sent it.  The next day I got another email from Jan that said"Send it again!"  I was being used.  LOL  


This is Greg. He was out of town the week I started sending him pictures, but when Jan picked him up at the airport he was already hooked and talking about Hannah.

Just a few short months later Jan was home with Hannah. And, trust me paperwork doesn't take long for Jan!  She kind of makes me sick. : - )  I took this picture at the airport and it was the first time Greg laid eyes on his newest daughter.  Greg stayed home with the rest of their kids, because he does so much international travel on business, part of their deal was he would not have to travel to China.
It is funny how God speaks to you, but again, the first time I saw Hannah's picture I thought she looked like Bret did at the same age, even though I don't think so now. I guess that is why I just couldn't let her go. These are all pictures of Bret.
Dec 1 253

salute to family 013
bret with hat pic Bret was burned in China and this was after one of her surgeries. Bret has had several surgeries since we've had her and I can honestly say I've never heard her complain ONE single time about her surgeries or even being burned!! Bret is just an enjoyable amazing fun kid.
Bret really likes her doctor and he likes her, even though they are both the quiet types. : - ) As a matter of fact, Cokie sees their surgeon tomorrow and Bret is going too so she can see him. LOL