We had a fun Christmas and an interesting one. We met our daughter-in-law Rebecca for the very first time. She is from Germany and hasn't lived in the U.S. very long. She has lived a very interesting life. She spent much of her childhood in Africa.  Her parents were missionaries, and they raised her there until she was 13. The kids all loved Rebecca and really didn't give her a minute's peace. It was also Pryor and Boone's very first Christmas--and they were so excited. Pryor knew a little bit about Christmas and had been told the ritual we have with Santa. He knew Santa was not real. Boone was confused about snow and Christmas. We've had some really good snows already this year, and the ground was white everywhere. But just a few days before Christmas, it warmed up and we had a good long rain. The rain melted all the snow away. Boone asked if that meant Christmas was already over with.

Our Cocoa bar

Arden put this together.

Becki makes the world's best dip!

I told the kids they were going last.  Looks like Remi told Boone in Chinese, because look at his face.  Totally cracks me up.

It obviously didn't bother Pryor.

I didn't take these pictures and have no clue what they're all about, but I think they were enjoying themselves.

These are my oldest sister's six daughters.

 I took these pictures on Christmas Eve day.  We were getting ready for Christmas Day.  One of Bret's presents was highlights for her hair.  She had just got home and was showing us.

Arden working on her cheese tray.

Lael was peeling potatoes and Stafan came up with a new way to prepare Deviled Eggs. He used a chopstick to get the yolks out. It really worked and didn't tear up the egg. LOL
Christmas shopping.

Lyric is no shopper unless candy is involved.  I asked her if she had a perfect Christmas. She said no, because the day went by so fast she ate lunch, but forgot to come down for dinner.