Substitute Teacher Dismissed over Alleged Bad Word.

This story came from my 5th graders so the facts may or may not be correct.  : - ) You've been reading about Pryor and Boone getting in trouble at school for saying shut up and stupid.  I think it is great that the school is staying on top of the children's language.  Obviously, they are doing a better job than I'm doing at home. Of course, school is different than home.


My kids go to a really good school that ranks in the top one percent of the state.  I guess the reason they do so good is because they stay on top of things.  However, with Pryor and Boone getting busted for saying words they aren't supposed to, I thought it was a little funny and ironic when the girls came home excitedly telling me that a sub had been banned from teaching at their school because he had said a "very bad word" to the kids. I have no idea what the "very bad word" was or even if he said it.