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I get a lot of comments about my hair.  Some times they are even complimentary.  The compliments usually come from young wild looking girls.  Other people aren't so complimentary.  My Dad once told me it looked like I spilled milk in my hair and a cat had licked it.  OK, my hair style is a little different.  Does that stop me from doing this to my hair?  No!

The picture above was taken while we were at the San Diego Zoo.  We saw birds with tamer hair styles.  Speaking of birds.  I once was walking in a parking lot and a bird flying above deposited a gift in my hair.  The sad part...I didn't even feel it land.  It wasn't until a couple of hours later that I reached up and felt something I knew wasn't supposed to be on my head


The girls pretty much run from me when I try and touch their hair.  Here I am fixing Lael's hair.  I'm sure I had threatened her good, or she would not have been cooperating.  Look at the look of fear on Arden's face worrying whether she would be next.


Lyric is different the other girls though.  She could care less what I do to her hair, so long as she otherwise is getting to do what she wants, which usually has something to do with words.  Lyric loves words and I think has always had an unusually large vocabulary for her age.  Mike sometimes calls her Lyric the Linguist.  Now though she is into heavy duty Math and loves it.  She is constantly confusing me with her math talk.

DSCN3166 The guy playing the guitar would probably compliment my hair.