Our town

canceled Halloween.  They were afraid it would offend someone.  Just kidding!  Isn't that what they keep saying about Christmas though?   Our town did postpone trick-or-treating  a day because of heavy rain.  The kids ended up having a great night and since there is no school tomorrow they played with their candy as long as they wanted to. 


Lyric loves the souffles at Panera Bread.  But then again, so do I!


Boone is still learning to eat American food.  But I think he liked the pumpkin cookie.


That is my niece Darby in the purple and black with Lyric.



And Cokie with her arm around my niece Gabrielle (Darby's older sister).

We ate Mexican at our favorite Mexican restaurant before Mike took the kids trick or treating.

Stafan (in the Hulk mask) had a tough time with Halloween this year.  He thought he was too old to go trick or treating, but he really wanted to go.  He eventually got over it, and even started talking about his costume for next year.



My niece Jenna got comfy and decided to enjoy herself while passing out candy.  Hard to tell from this distance but she looked really cute.



My niece Erin (in the yellow shirt and black pants) even had a costume for her dog Lola.  I heard Lola even got some dog treats at one of the houses the kids visited.

Happy Halloween! (hope that doesn't offend anyone)