It's all about Boone

Yesterday I started taking pictures of the kids as we were heading out the door for school. Every time I would try and take a picture he ran and got in it. Unlike Arden, who in China when we were adopting her, tattled to our guide, "They are making me get in pictures."  The guide asked why we were making her get in all the pictures.  I told her because I wanted to??   I guess Boone doesn't mind at all. I like that. : - ) Not only a willing subject, but a cute one.


It started with Cokie.


He saw the camera was out.




I got this one before Boone realized what I was doing.


I took this one, but before Shepard and Pryor got in the car. . .


. . . Boone came running out.  Then, he had the nerve to act like I was taking too long getting his picture.


We stopped for the kids to get my coffee and he jumps out. BTW, I like the way people stare and wonder why these kids are buying and drinking coffee-it's for me stupid!  I'm just kidding I would never say that.  : - )  Oops I just did!


On to McDonalds to get the 2 for $3.33 sausage egg and cheese McMuffin. Do my kids live large or what?! : - ) BTW, Pryor and Boone are eating them now without gagging.