Pryor does smile some, but often he has a worried face on.  Most of us would too  if one day you were just told, "You're going to a new country, learning a new language,  eating new foods, attending a new school with kids that won't look like you,  getting a family that won't be anything like you have been around before and wondering exactly what is and does a family really do anyway."   He is smiling more and more, but every day is still a learning process.  He is a very good boy and even today his principal told us he and Boone are doing great.  He said Pryor is still excelling in Math and he has been in the U.S. barely over a month!   He is in 3rd grade and doing some 5th grade math-thank you Jesus! : - )  That doesn't mean he doesn't have much more to try and figure out.  He goes to school every day and has to wonder does this make the teacher happy.  It is the same thing at home.  Most of the things he does are fine,  but still sometimes he gets a disapproving face from me like when he bangs the car seat down because he and Shepard are racing to see who can get out first or when he jumps in front of his sisters instead of letting them go first.    



He is catching on though, because just the other day he brought me a catalog with Legos, pointed to a picture and asked, "Momma me?"  I told him to go show his Dad.  I heard his Dad say, "Maybe" and I'm sure Pryor was thinking-what the heck does that mean?







In this video, Lyric had to work really hard to get Pryor to smile.  She finally did, but not before Boone gave up an bolted (since he doesn't speak hardly any English yet, I'm not even sure he knew what was going on or that I had told him to stay in the picture).