Remi got her braces off!


After three long years Remi got her braces off.  Actually, it seems like it was just yesterday, when she got them on, but she may not agree the time went by fast.  When we got Remi in 2010 her teeth were a mess.  Imagine that!  She had a baby tooth right in the middle of her two front teeth that no one had ever bothered to pop out! To say it was deforming her two front teeth was an understatement, but look at those beauties now!

DSCN0497 This is in China when we were adopting Remi and Shepard. Reagan is in the middle who was getting adopted by my friend Teri.




Teri and I about to head to Hong Kong to spend the night before we cross the ocean.



We adopted Remi and Shepard on the same trip.  The next morning we were back at the Hong Kong airport. Right after this picture, over the next few days, Shepard started running a low grade fever. Turned out since his two front teeth had been broken off right before we got him, his gums were full of pus and infection. Our dentist didn't even know it was going on until he had him in surgery to fix his teeth and he opened up the gums!  It was so bad, Shepard had to have two outpatient surgeries by two different dentists (the second a periodontist).  When we first got home from China, poor Stafan couldn't understand why his new brother Shepard was no fun, but Shepard was feeling awful and couldn't even play.  After the surgeries, he was a new kid.DSCN0580


Trying to get home.


In Los Angeles our layover was the layover from you know where!


They made it home and were meeting all their new family.DSCN0652



Her new sister, Bret gave her a bear. : - )


Amazingly Remi got to meet up with her best friend in China, Abigail. Abigail was adopted in China two weeks before.



Bret and Remi this morning before church. Bret has to wear her braces a few more months.