What a difference a day can make.

How's it going with the two new ones?   Great!! Well OK, we had a little glitch with Pryor. We got home from China Thursday evening. Over the weekend, Pryor said he wanted to go to school on Monday.  Arden and Remi are still fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese so they are doing a lot of translating. Remi is enjoying it--Arden not so much. Pryor had his first day of school on Tuesday.

As you can see from the pictures he was nervous. He came home from school happy though-maybe a little too happy. That morning he had taken his lunch in a sack so that evening when I gave him his new lunch box I got a big "Thank you Momma." The next morning he was even happier. I went into their room and turned on the lights and said "Good morning" and he said "Good morning Momma!!!" He hopped out of bed, brushed his teeth and put on the outfit I gave him. Isn't that nice? He loves school?!  It was nice till I got the teacher's note (this is the glitch part).  The note went something like this:

At lunch Pryor was taking food from the other kids'trays and hitting them. In the restroom he was pretending to pee on the other boys.

Do I think it is funny? Yeah... kind of. Why? Because I don't think he'll do it again or at least this won't last long. Today I emailed his teacher and wrote this:

I thought I would email. I was afraid since he figured out we had notes in his agenda he might not give them to me. Is he doing better today? We really gave him the riot act last night. I'm hoping that works. The good news he admitted to the pee pretending and the food so I don't think he is a liar.

This is what she emailed back:

Aww... :) he has been very good so far today. Some students were doing math on the computer and he stepped in to play.... His computation is great! He knows multiplication fluently and can add and subtract with regrouping ! We will work in as many math skills as we can without the language needed. 
Later in the day I talked to his teacher and she pretty much said he was kicking butt in math and even doing better than some of the students who...you know speak English. So, when he came home from school, Mike and I gave him lots of praise on how well he did in Math and behaving. I think he and I might have come to an understanding that works for both of us. : - )

I have a friend who has adopted from China and this is what she said: 

ahhh...well....I'm afraid to tell you....I kinda laughed a little....please don't be mad at me...like don't smack me or pretend to pee on me...but well...he's kinda cute, in that he has no idea how kids act...he was just doing what he's done for 8ish years....and what all the other kids he's been around did too....soooooooooooooo he probably thought the kids at school would do the same!

And, if you think I'm completely crazy just last week I got two notes--much better notes than Pryor's first one. : - ))

The first note was from one of Bret's teachers and read.

Just a quick note to say I really appreciate having Bret in class. She participates and is always on task. You should be very proud. 

Mr. W

The other one was from a teacher who has both Cokie and Stafan.  It read:

 Mr. and Mrs. Allen,
Hello! I want to let you both know what a pleasure it is to have Cokie in my regular classroom and Stafan for math. They are two of the most polite and hardworking kids I have ever met in my life. They both constantly have their hands up, show kindness to everyone and are always in a good mood. You two should be very proud of them… they are fabulous! Cokie told me that you are both in China right now and when you get home, she will have two new brothers. That is wonderful for your family. I hope you have a safe trip.

This week I'm keeping Boone home with me--mainly for selfish reasons. I'm enjoying this little guy that Mike has named "Typhoon Boone."

The dentist said they are both loaded up with cavities.
It takes awhile for a lot of the kids to get used to American food. Pryor did not want to eat the spaghetti, but since he hadn't eaten hardly any the day before I told him he had to eat it. He started "to make himself" puke, and we said "Don't you do it!" He stopped the "I'm going to puke" thing and ate it all.

Hopefully, I'll get back to our China trip tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few more pics from the trip. DSC00343