Time Flies When. . . .

Yes, we are having a lot of fun. I wish I had more time to blog and post pictures, but our Internet connection has been very spotty and when I can get connected, the upload speeds are terrible. Please check back when I return to the USA, and I promise to post a lot of pictures (we have taken a ton). All the fun activities are nice, but of course the most important thing to report is that we have two wonderful new sons who are growing more comfortable with us and each other every day. They are already acting like brothers, despite growing up in different cities and having met for the first time less than a week ago. We also are getting to spend some time with some very special friends who we wish we were able to see more often. If you've read my blog much, you have heard me talk about Li Mei. She grew up with our daughter Arden and was Arden's protector. She loves Arden so much, and now we love Li Mei so much.

We also spent an evening with a darling friend Cordelia and her daughter Tong Tong. Her daughter Tong Tong has grown so much and is very beautiful. She was very playful too. Today we are going to visit another family living here in China about an hour outside of Guangzhou. In fact, gotta run to get downstairs. Hopefully more later, but definitely a lot of stories and a lot of pictures when I get back.