Home again... home again

OK, I know I did a really cruddy job blogging in China. It was so difficult to get to my blog, use FB or even google there, because of all their blockers!! And that was using a VPN provider (GoTrusted) that was suppose to cut the crap. Well, it didn't! Even The Drudge Report is talking about China's crackdown on the Internet. Also, I'm looking at the few pictures I was able to download in China and they are not plain to say the least. What did I do wrong?!! I'm not sure yet if I messed up there or if they are from Mike's "new" camera. I'm still using my old camera, because two days before we left I was told my camera was not worth fixing. Well, I like it even if it has issues. LOL

Take off.


Don't pay any attention to the bald spot on Boone's head. Two days ago he got hold of my razor. : - (((

Had to post this picture from the Baiyun airport for Bret. She loves this airport bearing her Chinese name-Bai Ling Yun. She was given that name by the orphanage because she was found in the Baiyun district. So here's your airport Bret Bai Ling.
Pryor and Boone with our guide John. He reminded me of a guide we once had there who called himself Bob. That was a big problem for me, because I called John Bob most of the time. I think he got used to it. : - ) If you're listening www.FTIA.org, Bob, I mean John is a very good guide. He completely took care of us!!
Pryor's paperwork said he was a protector of small kids. Turned out to be true, because he loved Lincoln.

We had to get up really early to catch our flight out of China so I took the boys downstairs to get a cup of coffee. BTW, I think that was Boone's first word. He would look at me and point at my coffee.