I like my boys!

Just so you know, I like my boys! I did go through a couple “scary” days well, not that scary, but I had a couple of concerns at first. Like most adoptions, I think it is often the parents who have the issues—not the kids. Some of our issues had to do with the crazy schedule we’ve had for this trip. My niece got married Friday night, and I did not want to miss it, so we waited until Saturday morning to leave. We flew from Indy to LA, then LA to Hong Kong and finally Hong Kong to Guangzhou Sunday evening China time. Or at least it was “finally” for me. After getting situated in the hotel about 11:30 pm Sunday evening, Mike had to leave the hotel 5:30 am Monday morning to leave for the airport and catch a flight to Hangzhou. Can you say serious jet lag?!! Mike got Boone Monday afternoon, and Boone “was” a little spitfire.

I stayed in Guangzhou and adopted Pryor. Pryor was quiet and minded well. Monday was smooth for me, but Mike seemed to be struggling with Boone. Every time Mike would call me he would say something like, “this kid is nonstop motion, wild and into everything!!” But he would go on to tell me how CUTE he was.

Things continued to go well for me until Tuesday, but then jet lag kicked in while I was at the Civil Affairs and I felt like I might barf. Bad timing. As if I wasn’t in bad enough shape, China’s driving is a little—make that a lot—crazier than ours, and I can get car sick. Lucky for me, Teri took Pryor back to her room, and I was able to sleep off some of my jet leg.

Mike finally flew back to Guangzhou Wednesday night. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to meet Boone. I knew he would be cute, but he is REALLY cute. But he was also just as WILD as Mike said he was. After a couple of days, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was getting embarrassing how he acted in public, and he wasn’t much fun in the hotel room either. He was hyper, loud and he ate like a pig! To make matters worse, instead of my well behaved Pryor rubbing off on Boone, the opposite happened. Pryor started acting like a little heathen too. Long story short… I decided I WAS NOT GOING TO WAIT UNTIL WE GOT HOME TO GET THIS UNDER CONTROL. As Barney from Mayberry would say, “Nip it! Nip it!” Come to think of it, Boone was acting a little like Ernest T. Bass. So Friday morning, I decided that was it. I left Mike in the hotel room and took both boys down for breakfast. I spent 15 minutes in the dining room just sipping my coffee and not letting them move or eat (except for juice) while we worked on being quiet. We made some progress, but our first meal together was still a little sloppy to say the least. LOL

I believe Mike was so worn out and jet lagged, he let Boone get away with far more than he normally would have, which I think made Boone even worse. After a couple days alone with Mike, I think Boone thought he could get by with whatever he wanted. After only a couple of days with both boys together, I think we’ve turned a corner. Our two rowdy boys are turning into pretty good boys… I think. : - ))) They are using utensils—not fingers—and keeping their voices down, most of the time.

I can only imagine how weird it is for Pryor and Boone getting a family and “moving” into a new hotel. In only a couple of days they’ve had to learn table manners, how to use a western style toilet, how to brush their teeth (my way) and the list goes on—all while not even knowing this new bossy Mom’s language. They are happy though and LOVE all the action of their new life, which includes fancy food (fancy for us too), new clothes and shopping for toys. Life is good and despite their new parents being strict, Boone can’t stop kissing my hand—yes, he picks up my hand and kisses it and then takes my arms and puts them around his “tiny” cute neck. He is a complete cutie pie. He is much like Lyric and loves life. He smiles constantly. Women and even men will smile at him when he flashes them his HUGE smile. Pryor on the other hand, is much more conservative and most of the time tries to obey and please, especially after a few good butt chewings. Enough for now, but God is good!!!