Technical Difficulties

The bad news is we are having technical difficulties blogging. The good news we're having no difficulties (so far) with the adoptions. I hope I didn't just jinx us. We have all the paperwork done. Now we just need to wait for their TB tests to come back and for Boone's passport to arrive from Hangzhou. It is amazing how everything that we've been able to get all the appointments and paperwork for two adoptions in two different cities done in just four days. Thank you FTIA and CCAA! Betty and the FTIA staff in Beijing really outdid themselves. And our guide, John, is great too. He helped me so much while Mike was in Hangzhou.

Jaqi, please email me because I don't know whose attention to leave your package for.

Here is the one measly picture I've been able to upload so far. Hopefully more to come...