Our 2013 China Trip - Part 4 - Dinner with a sweet friend


Cordelia and I have been friends for a long, long time.  She has even come to the U.S. and stayed with us.  She and Bret have a special bond too.  I knew Cordelia way before she got married,  so it has been fun to watch her get married, then pregnant and now see her daughter Tong Tong several times as she grows up.  I think someday Tong Tong may stay with us and go to school here for a little while.


Cordelia picked out a really nice restaurant to take us to--the Macau Street Restaurant.  It is in the Garden Hotel, which is right next door to the China Hotel where we were staying.  The key to eating good in China (and we did!!) is to have someone order that knows how we Americans eat - or actually what we won't.  Cordelia ordered tons of wonderful dishes and then she tried to pay for it all!  She and Mike had a big fight over who would pay the bill, but he finally won.  Actually, Cordelia had already paid for all our meals and had instructed the waitress not to tell us how much the bill was so we wouldn't know how much to pay her back.  Mike finally got the manager to tell him and he and Teri's Mike paid her back.  So Cordelia wasn't allowed to pay any, but she was sweet to try.  



Tong Tong kept pretending the fish head was swimming.












We went to the Coffee Club after dinner.


Cordelia eats healthy.  I don't.  I don't think she really wanted me to buy Tong Tong this ice cream, but I had to let Tong Tong know that her American friend is really nice. : - )


Cordelia brings gifts from China, and I always bring Tong Tong clothes that you cannot buy in China.  Tong Tong is a girly girl and I was really happy she seemed to like them.  When it was time to leave she ran over and grabbed her bags.