Lael Bian Grace - Grace was after my Mother.  Bian was her Chinese name (Bian Yuhong) and pronounced Bien. 




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People have always had trouble pronouncing Lael's name.   When she was little she used to say, "Hi! I'm from China.  My name is Lael and it rhymes with Bell."
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Lael's 2nd grade teacher told me, "No one steps on her toes and even the boys are intimidated by her."   In 1st grade I would pick her up after school every day.  Her and the teacher came out arm and arm almost every single day.  Her teacher told me sometimes it was like Lael had PMS.  Yep, that is what she said.  Just the other day this teacher picked Lael up, and Lael went with her to the teacher's doctor appointment.

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