Chinese New Year 2014 

We were a little late, but finally got around to celebrating.  My kids love celebrating Chinese New Year, and even the older ones who couldn't make it to the party were not happy about missing it. 


My friend Terri (2 Rs) brought the cake.  It was really good!!  I ate two pieces. : - )


My friend Teri (1 R) did crafts.We've traveled to China with Teri and her husband 3 times.  At our party today, Teri ran around and took care of all the kids.  She had Bret help her, which Bret loves to do.  Not me.  I'm more like... "Remi can you get us coffee?"   I then told the group I didn't do much.  Remi said dryly, "She can clean bathrooms good though."  LOL 

The bags had Chinese candy and milk tea in them.  Teri's Reagan said she used to drink milk tea in China and loved it.
2014 is the year of the horse.  



Jan did all the arrangements.   Her daughter, Abigail is on her left and my Remi is to the right of me.  The girls were best friends in China.  Their foster moms were good friends and they lived next to one another.  God miraculously put the girls on the other side of the world a few miles apart.  Jan and I didn't even know each other until we each had separately started the adoption process--me to get Remi, and her to get Abigail.  We then got connected via the Internet before either of us traveled to get the girls.  To say I was shocked to find out Remi's best friend in China was going to be living about 30 minutes away from us would be a huge understatement.  It has been so wonderful that Remi and Abigail are still connected.  And to know Jan, is to love Jan.  She is such a Jesus lover!  She doesn't just display the Fruits of the Spirit on her shirt, she lives them.


This is Abigails's Dad, Greg, and sister Hannah with Remi and my Mike.  Little Hannah also ran up to get into this pic.  Hannah is the little girl I "tricked" Jan and Greg into adopting.  I saw Hannah on Holt's web site.  Holt was a little more expensive than the agency we used to get Pryor and Boone, so I told Jan and Greg they had to adopt this little girl that I was crazy about.  Even though they were done adopting they couldn't say no to this little darling. 


I decided to throw a couple more in the pic.  My niece Lain came, but most of her other siblings were at a Christian retreat.   The girl on the far left is also Jan's, Lydia.  I like Lydia.  We had fun together today. 


Lydia is a bubbly little girl that can make you laugh.  She was telling me all about Ethiopian culture today. 
Jan's son Abe.   She adopted Abe with Lydia.  Jan has 4 sons and 5 daughters. 




The 3 boys Teri and I adopted last Sept.  L to R Pryor, Lincoln and Boone.  The first thing Pryor asked was, "Mom is Lincoln coming?"  




Two VERY smart girls.



Lydia with her sister.
Jan's girls.  Phoebe is from Vietnam.  Look at Hannah's dimples. To die for.  


Remi and Abigail.  They are both very soft spoken.