Back to school...

for Cokie.  She loved her time off and would have stayed home longer if I had let her.   I am making her stay out of gym for 2 weeks, which she isn't thrilled about.


When you're in the "adoption world" I think you get the same questions over and over again.  I should be used to them--and I am somewhat.  Still sometimes they take you back.  I got asked last week if the kids like each other.  I don't think it matters if kids are biologically related or adopted, respect has to be taught.  I can honestly say my kids love each other and really want to be with one another most of the time.  


Last week when we left for Nashville Cokie had not said much about being gone for a few days.  She was excited about the trip and the time off school.   That morning we dropped the other three 5th graders off plus Pryor off at school before we hit the road.  I looked in the back seat and Cokie's eyes were watering.   She was a little sad about leaving the other kids.