I'm surrounded not only by my kids, but also by lots of nieces and nephews.  If I haven't seen them through the week, which usually I do, I run into them at church on Sundays.  I am blessed to have every one of these guys in my life and ask God for His blessing to fall on them.


Our church is building on again.  This time it is a children's center.



Payton has been talking a lot about wanting to become a missionary.  She is now a senior in high school and has been training to be an EMT to pay for her college.  I think her love for the Lord came from my Grandpa Baker.  If I've met a saint, it would be him.  No one can say anything bad about his morals or the way he lived his life.  Oh, I can't wait to see him in Heaven.  Payton is (choking? / hugging?) her brother Eliot in this pic.  The Chinese boy is also Payton's brother Sawyer.  Eliot and Sawyer are both really handsome boys, but they can both also be major league buttheads.  



Remi and her cousin Lain.  They are very close and hang out together a lot.  Lain and Remi are kindred spirits.  Like Remi, Lain is mostly very sweet and the perfect kid to have around, but when she gets angry, run for your life! 


Here is Lain again with her sister Lacy.  Lacy may be Charly's most outgoing daughter.  She is full of love and is the type of kid who makes you happy just by being around her.


Erin may be my spunkiest niece.  She has always been gorgeous.  This summer, she got her license and a job!  Look out world.  I remember the very first day my sister Charly and her husband Dennis brought her home from China.  She was 3 1/2 y.o. and teeny tiny.  She sat on her new Dad's lap and wanted nothing to do with me.  I wanted so bad to get my hands on her, but she just gave me the evil eye - she was still pretty scared.  Hard to believe Erin was ever scared of anything!


Remi with Lacy and Avery (Avery is in the middle).  Avery is Charly's youngest.  Like the other Wagoner girls, she cracks me up most of the time.  Like I said, they all make my life richer, and I am blessed to have them.


Jenna is always, always smiling.  For some reason, she loves to torment Lael.  Of course, Lael can be grouchy, so it doesn't take much.  Jenna is also my sister Charly's daughter.  I think Jenna was 3 y.o. when they got her and she got here right before Christmas.  Christmas Day she just walked quietly around my house, with a toy in her hand, clanging it on walls and doors as she took it all in.  



Victor is... Victor.  He is my nephew's friend and EVERYONE in the family loves Victor.  Victor is from Russia.  If the USA hockey team wins gold in Sochi, I'm going to rub it in good.  If the Russians win, I really hope Victor doesn't read this. 


We watched the pairs figure skating the other night at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  And I don't even like sports!


This is my niece Gabrielle with Lyric.  Gabrielle is my sister Becki's daughter.  I don't think Gabrielle has a clue how pretty she is.  But I do.  And she is very, very sweet.




And this is Darby, Gabrielle's sister.  Darby is as cute as a button, and I think she may have a clue that she is.  She is very funny and sometimes a little ornery--but hey, I was pretty ornery myself when I was Darby's age.  I don't know why, but she likes to call Mike Lady GaGa.  But Mike adores her (Darby, not Lady GaGa).