My niece, Gabrielle. Gabrielle and my Lyric are in the same class at school.  Before that she was in Stafan's since kindergarten. 


Last week Lyric and Gabrielle had to give a speech. I video taped Lyric practicing hers.



I guess you could say our kids and both my sisters' are almost being raised more like siblings than cousins.  They go to the same school, same church and very few days go by that they don't see one another.  This was Gabrielle and her sister Darby.  Looks like we were practicing learning to read.



Lyric is really a sweet kid and the first to show kindness and it isn't just be saying it. : - )  Her teachers say she is very helpful to the other kids.  But, she also likes herself a lot. : - ) When she was little and one of the kids told on her she would go into shock and be like... how dare they mess with "The Lyric Ya Ni" which is what her Dad calls her. She would instantly haul off and give the offender a smack. She doesn't still do that-I don't think.
Shi Ya Ni
Lyric's referral picture-back when she was Shi Ya Ni! She was the only kid I ever heard of that was actually spoiled in the orphanage. Lyric was a special need baby and her heart repaired in China by Hopeful Hearts.