From Lyric's perspective

From Lyric's perspective
Getting ready for church. Both Gabrielle and Cokie were not smiling in this picture, but it was probably because they were tired.  I am Lyric with the dog on my shirt.
Nope, they're still not smiling.
You can see someone in the back round about to throw a snowball. That person is Stafan. We have a game where we try to throw a snowball on top of the roof of the shed as high as we can.

Eliot came with us because he slept the night and was going to the same place as us any way.
You can see Shepard behind Stafan walking off. He was probably ticked off at something. Shepard is like that. He has a temper.


Payton posing for the camera. She does that to.
That orange sauce on Darby's plate is buffalo sauce. It is spicy, but it taste like ranch so usually put a little pepper sauce on my food. 
Eliot is clearly looking at something that is amazingly unbelievable in ways that make his mouth pop open.

Lael decided to go to lunch with us today. It's not like she does it a lot.
If you can see Arden is on her phone doing who knows what.  She is mostly on her phone doing (at home) looking up funny pictures on this thing called photo-opp, I think.