My kids passed these cookies out to their teachers at school yesterday.  OK, I would love to take credit for making them, but I didn't.  My sister did. 


The kids have been watching The Bible on the History channel.  As you can see they are more than into it.  I was a little torn having the younger kids watch it since it has some violence, but decided they needed to watch it.  Stafan being 100% boy says, "This is so interesting and good!"  I'm pretty sure it is the fighting he loves.  He even wants to get the popcorn out.  They are getting their Bible stories down.


We adopted Shepard in 2010 when he was 8 y.o.  The first year, actually longer, he wouldn't sleep on the top bunk, because of being scared.  He slept on the floor next to Stafan's bed.  I even told the social worker he slept on the floor.  She said, "You mean the bed?"  No, he sleeps on the floor.  : - )  Well, he has finally started sleeping on the top, but since watching The Bible he tried to go back on the floor.  I told him no, but he is OK with it since I let him have the dog up there with him.  LOL