Carly Fiorina would be the absolute perfect vice-presidential nominee.  Actually, she would be the absolute perfect presidential nominee.  She is by far the most articulate campaigner out there.  She is amazingly intelligent, moral, classy and quick on her feet.  After her inspiring speech my husband teased her by saying "You should come preach at our church tomorrow."  She came right back with,"No.  YOU should preach at your church tomorrow!"  The point was well taken.  

And while Yahoo purposely finds the worst picture ever to plaster on their front page, it is the exact opposite of what I saw today.  Carly was down right cute, and I told her so.  : - )  From her cowboyish boots and matching snake skin belt, her sparkling jewelry to her slim body.  She looked and sounded adorable.  Let's just say she didn't waddle on stage like another lady I've been seeing the last year--you know with the fake cackle. 


Carly gave an inspiring speech that I was thrilled to have my kids hear!  She told of a lesson her Mother instilled in her when she was a little girl.  Carly's mother told her, "What you are is God's gift to you, and what you make of yourself is your gift to God." 






I was also happy to have my sons and daughters hear Heidi Cruz talk about Ted Cruz's convictions and what kind of a husband and father he is.

I doubt we have had a ticket with two people who are so grounded in their faith in a long, long time--if ever.  I only pray that voters in Indiana (and especially Christians) wake up and see what a great opportunity we have right in front of us.  It will be really cool if Hoosiers turn the tide in this primary.  It will be extremely disappointing if we don't.