Pulling my pant.  Google search
Pulling my pant.  Google search
Wedgie.                Google search

That's what was on my history this morning.  Hmmm... 


Me:  "Who's been reading about wedgies?"

Boone:  "I found the book in Mrs O's class.  I started reading it.  That's how that happened."



Boone:  "Mom! Mom! It's an emergency Ted Cruz is on the phone.  He is going to be here at am." 

Sigh... my man lost.  The only Christian still in the race.  Now I will vote for Trump though.  Anything, to keep a self proclaimed socialist or a socialist who won't admit she is a socialist from winning. 



Caps, crowns, mouth piece and now glasses.  You're high maintenance Boone Forrest, and expensive!  But so worth it.  You're a smart, funny, sweet and cute as a button kid.  I am blessed.







The boys who acted like they had lived their entire life in an orphanage have finally settled down "some."  Oh yeah, they were not acting.  They had lived in an orphanage their entire lives.  They have even started to love to read!  Now that's progress!  Thank you Jesus!  They are working hard, and starting to really care about their grades.   



I knew I was finally getting some where when  I turned around and both boys had their nose in a book.  


But, think about it.  You have spent your entire life speaking another language.  You moved half way around the world and all of a sudden you have to learn to read, without knowing what the words mean.  For example a duck is not called a duck in China.  It's called a Ya.  So they are thinking what the heck is a duck?  Add to all that they are expected to read, but have never had phonics.  They've skipped half their grades, but expected to start performing ASAP.  Luckily, they have been blessed with WONDERFUL teachers. 


And, then there is taking into account you now have this woman-me saying she expects them to care about things like grades.  They have to be wondering what the the heck is that all about?  I know Pryor really had a hard time with that.  He thought he could out smart me.  It took the first year him having to figure out I really, really meant it.  Pryor did make good grades in China, but I guess not knowing English made it more work than he wanted to put out.  Especially, when his favorite things really are sports and video games.  Now that was a full time job keeping him away from the TV.  Sometimes still is.  : - ) 








Pryor is sweet and no matter how much butt chewing he gets, he doesn't hold a grudge.  He has always, always minded well and tries to please me.  Not counting of course, when he was at school.  He thought since I wasn't there he could let his hair hang down and do as he pleased.  Those days are about over though.  He hardly ever gets in trouble now and is trying really hard to make all As. 



This is the I'm in the dog house look.  The poor me look.


Sigh... they are all such good boys.   Thank you Jesus!