No Halloween

for you Mr.  This is what I received from his teacher today: 

Boone was caught cheating on the challenge spelling test today. He had the paper by his feet. He was also sent to the reflection table at lunch because he took another student's sandwich and put it in her beans.


And, if you think it was possibly because the work was too difficult for him, let me say he had just gotten 12 out of 12 on his spelling test that he learned in 1 hour.  Plus, just last night I had told him he didn't even have to test the Challenge words.  Apparently, he does enjoy spelling tests though.  : - ) 


Could this be my fault?  Could it be I laugh at him too much?


Could it be I spoil him?


Could it be I just think he is too cute?



Whatever, the boy has to be punished.   Sigh... 

This is what my friend wrote me:

 Mr. Boone.....your Jerry Lewis days are coming to an end.