Missing cousin

About two years ago I was on Facebook and I noticed a picture on my nephew's FB.  I saw a picture that made me think,  "Holy cow!  That guy looks like my Dad!"   Turned out he is a missing cousin named Jerald.  I had vaguely heard that my Dad's brother had been married before and had two children by that marriage.  Unfortunately, and for no apparent reason, Jerald and his sister were never brought around any family reunions.  




My Dad.


My Dad on the right with another brother.  There were 10 kids all together.  Didn't everyone have 10 kids back then?!   


Lael and I with Jerald this last summer.  Since, I first heard of, or figured out who he was, we have met up several times including just one week ago.  Jerald is a retired school principal.    He is really a nice person, and we definitely have a connection.  We have lots and lots of things to talk about--and a lot of catching up to do.  We can't get back the time we lost and should have been together as cousins, but we're sure trying!