My niece Gabrielle. 

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Our Sunday Sermon.

Our preacher is doing a sermon series on "American Idols."  This week, he preached about our "cravings."  He didn't focus on the obvious "bad" cravings, like drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.  Instead, he challenged us to think about the things in our lives that are good and healthy, but can become an idol if we become too infatuated with them.  What we are learning is that we don't have to build a golden calf to become an idol worshiper.  We simply have to start craving something or someone so much that the thing or person we crave "dethrones" God from His rightful position as number one in our lives.  That can be a hard truth regarding people or things that we can easily become obsessed with.  For example, our preacher talked about people who become so health conscience that they cross over into hypochondria or spending too much time (and money) on constantly trying to improving themselves. In my own mind, I think that is why it is so important to keep God at the center of everything.  In other words, it's not about loving my husband and kids less; I just need to love God more and more. 


 I took some pics before people started coming in, because...  that is what I do.



Dinner out with our girls . . . and boys, but didn't get any pictures of the boys.