Bret is a puzzle.  She is quiet, but not shy.  She is quiet, but fun.  She is quiet, but cool.   She is quiet, but always willing to help.  There is a reason her Dad often says, "There ain't no thing like a Bret Bai Ling."  It is so true.  Her Dad also likes to call her "Miss Guangzhou." Bret was born there.  We also have two other girls from Guangzhou, but Bret got the title. 







Last Saturday I was tired, was busy, had plans that evening, and just did not want to do anything, but take my time doing what I needed to do.  

Me:  "Bret, you're the Mom today."

Bret:  "OK, but you better tell the kids to mind me."

Stafan:  "Noooo!  Not Bret!  She yells too much."

OK, every now and then she surprises me--and she likes being the mom.  : - ))) 



Fresh picked apples are a healthy snack, 

But sometimes they seem to lack,
That little something to make them sweet,
And turn them into a special treat.
So I dipped mine in caramel, after adding a stick.
That's the apple I wish I could pick.
I guess I could roll it in nuts while it's cooling.
Mmmm. It looks so good that I'm drooling.
I should add chocolate because I'm not too far,
From making a made at home candy bar.
Drizzled all over both dark and white.
I'm getting close. This is almost just right.
Sprinkles! They'll add some nice color.
Wow, this is huge it seemed much smaller,
Before I added all of the candy coating.
If I eat all of this it's probably worth noting,
That I will surely become nauseous.
So I must remain cautious.
If I start I won't stop 'til it's done,
And this is way too much food for just one.
There's only one answer. I'll host a brunch,
And serve it in slices with a healthy lunch.