Bret continues to learn more about her new sister, and she is loving every minute of it.  The girls are in totally different time zones though so that slows things down.   Meanwhile, I keep "bugging" Bret about what they talk about.  Bret keeps saying something like... "moooother."  


 Cokie says: "Well you could just take her cell away from her."  


 Arden says: "Nooo she can't."  (I think Arden is more worried about me starting a precedent of grabbing their cells.)


Then I hear Arden sigh and say...  "I wish I had a biological sister." 


Lyric says: "I wouldn't."  (Lyric really likes her childhood and says she never wants it to end. : - ))



Remi, who just this year found out her best friend from China, Abigail, is her biological sister (proven by DNA--thank you Jesus, and Jan, Abigael's mother : - )))), like usual keeps her mouth shut and just listens.  

Remi and her birth sister are both QUIET.  You can read their story here. 


Lael says: "But Bret you love me the most don't you????"  (This is the only recent pic of Lael I have since she is so busy with her clinicals, but that is what she said last night). 


Brets says: "Shut up Lael."  (That  too is what Bret said.  I'm thinking Bret doesn't want to pick).


The boys don't say anything.  Probably because they don't know, or care about what the girls are talking about.  And from what I can tell, they don't give a hoot if they have a biological anything.