Ji Hong Jie

Ji Hong Jie needs a home quick before he ages out.  I bet they would waive his orphanage fee!  He is such a beautiful, handsome boy!  I wish, I wish he could be mine!! Please help spread  the word. 

Ji,Hong Jie and books

Below it talks about Ji Hong Jie only being in 2nd grade.  I've talked to my friend in China, who is Chinese, and visits the orphanage regularly.  She has told me that when a child has a special need they often do not put much effort into their education, and do stick them into  just any class,  like they have probably done to Ji Hong Jie since he is deaf.  I would think he is very smart and would catch up quick.   

Ji, Hong Jie paiting 2

Ji, Hong Jie, Male, birthdate Jan-6-2001 ( Will be 14yrs old 2015). Ji Hong Jie’s special need is deaf-mute, he’s studying at 2nd grade in Huazhou School of Deafmutes where his Chinese score is over than 85, his math score is over than 90. He is a excellent student in character and learning.  He likes dancing and learns fast, you see the dance “LittleApple” was that he learn from computer. Every time when we back from outside, he will clean the playing room first then play with kids. He will sort out those books, clean the tables, then sweep the floor. He works in good orders. He could work out his daily life without any problem, hehas his opinion in dressing, he has style of his own. He is our lovely Ji, Hong Jie!