Good morning, I had a goodnight sleep
And it's, my favorite day of the week
And I, I believe I'll start with prayer
Then get ready cause I gotta get there
Soon as I get through the door
My hands up, feet off the floor
Cause all the saints we go to work (ah)
That's how we do it down at my church (ah)

Ushers march (ooh)
Choir sing (ooh)
Kids playing (ooh)
The tambourine (ooh)
Preachers preaching, the mothers prayin
My Sunday best on and we ain't playin
I been workin hard since Monday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Saturday came and gone (ah)
I can't wait, to get to Sunday morning



I try and take these pictures before people start coming in.  It keeps the embarrassment level down for my kids.  They are getting used to it.  Sometimes it does freak their friends out though.  : - ) 


I just now noticed Cokie took a frappuccino into church!  I do NOT like that.


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