Back to School....


 Except for Pryor and Boone, the kids all pack their own school lunches.


Pryor really wants to believe he is as old as Shepard.  Shepard really gets sick of it, so he and his three fellow "quads" moving up to a different school has been a good thing.  It lets Pryor face the fact he is 2 years younger than Shepard.   Stafan is such a he-man (and cool) around here that none of the boys would dare mess with him--well Boone does, but he knows he is young enough that I won't let anyone touch him.


Pryor and Boone saw all the other kids fixing and grabbing their lunches and decided they could start too.  I was waiting with them at the bus stop and decided maybe I had better check their lunches.   They had each packed, and only packed, chips, cookies and rice krispie treats.   OMGoodness, don't I get judged enough?!  I confiscated it all and told Pryor he had better get back home and grab lunchables.





Waiting for their Dad...every morning.  He likes to take them to school.





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The boys packing their own lunches reminds me of a story that happened over 20 years ago.  It was with Brady, and  I'll never forget it!  It is funny now, but I didn't think it was so funny when it happened.  Whitney and Brady stayed at my parents a lot before my parents died--like almost every day.  They even rode the bus to and from their house. They had the same school bus driver I had when I was in school!!  She was a good driver.  But I digress. . . . 

The kids usually always came home at night, but one night Brady spent the night at my parents house.  It is hard to say if Brady wanted to spend the night or if my Mom wanted him to.  My Mom was never very happy if they weren't with her.  The kids loved it there and pretty much got to run the house.  That was a sharp contrast from what it was like for me growing up.  My Mom kept me on a very tight leash.  : - )  But I digress again. . . .

My Mom had diabetes and over the last 10 years of her life she was going blind.  Brady was in 2nd or 3rd grade and decided he would pack his lunch.  First, he dug an old lunch box out of the toy box.  It had had some kind of stickers on it, but with the stickers half gone it just looked old and dirty. Then he decided he would pack his milk money by using one baggy for each penny.  Imagine a lunch box full of wadded up empty baggies--basically a lunch box full of trash.  Then to complete the nightmare lunch, he used my Mom's diabetic bread.  My sister had just bought the bread  for my Mom  the day before, but since it was diabetic bread it came to pieces very easily -- you get the picture.

Well, I felt since Brady and Whitney had gone to the same school since Kindergarten the teachers should have had a pretty good idea what kind of kids they were, and which kids needed help and which didn't.  Whitney was always either #1 in her class or close to it.  And, Brady was well he had never went to school dirty.  LOL

But, no his teacher decided his lunch was just too dirty and unfit, so while all the other kids went outside for earth day, Brady was made to stay inside, by himself, and eat a school lunch all by himself.  You would think she would have realized there was a reasonable explanation for what happened.  And whatever she thought was going on, why would you punish a 2nd or 3rd grader for bringing a crappy lunch to school?!

I didn't take it very well...  

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My parents.