Bringing in the 2011 in style!

OK, so we aren't. Instead Lael and Arden had all their wisdom teeth pulled out today. Actually, I think Lael's were cut out. They neither one wanted to miss school so they did it on CHRISTmas break. Weird, I know, but let's just say they are much better students than I was.

Dear husband is such a sweet guy he stayed home from work and even took them. I was so happy I got to sleep in. Actually, I'm a little worn out from Cokie's surgery on Tuesday.

The "experts" say don't adopt "virtual" twins. Hog wash!! It makes life much easier to do two at a time. Or,in our case four at at a time. We have four 8 years old. Seriously, people are always telling me I must be really organized. I guess this is what they mean. : - )

Bret has been waiting on them hand and foot. PS Just so you know the junk under the bench are the hats Lael is constantly making for orphans in China. BTW, she is always looking for yarn donations.