Flippin' Cute!

Shepard is just cute! What can I say? I like this boy and we wouldn't change a thing about him! As my departed Aunt Marion would say, he is easy to love. He is quiet most of the time with the exception of his competing with Stafan. Nothing makes him feel better than him thinking he pulled one over on Stafan. Stafan feels the same way with the competing, but he didn't have much choice since Shepard isn't happy if he isn't watching Stafan. For example, this morning when they were fixing their hair he handed Stafan his brush and ran out of the room giggling saying "you put away." Stafan just looks at him like he is thinking... what am I'm going to do with him. Stafan's favorite thing to do is watch Shepard and with a sincere sigh say "you're weak Shepard." Fortunately right now Shepard does not know that that means, but boy when he figures that one out someone is going to pay.

Yesterday I also realized Shepard has learned a lot of English! He came into my room and said "Mom, where you get battery?" Looking at my TV he said "Why you watch that?" It may not sound like much, but it is for the people waiting for his English to kick in and it just did!

As I watch him and enjoy this sweet boy I can only thank God that once again he let us save a life. Yes, as we listen to comments like "You're not getting another one are you?" I can only say I feel sorry for the people that don't get it.