I took this picture of Cokie this morning at church. They still had the CHRISTmas theme going so it was nice. Have you ever had something on your mind or been upset and the preacher says something that you know is for you? This happened to me this morning. It felt so random it freaked me out. It gave me peace the rest of the day. I was so glad I drug my butt out of bed even though it was the day after CHRISTmas. I had even contemplated on just dropping the kids off and going for coffee. Thank goodness I didn't.

Our stockings have a special meaning to me. Years ago one of my favorite people ever started buying a stocking for us every time we adopted. I'm sure she never dreamed she would have to buy them until the day she died. We got home with Stafan right before CHRISTmas a couple of years ago and I kept thinking she would show up with his stocking, but she never did. Right after the holidays I got a call she had cancer. She was gone the next day. She was my friend, but she bought stockings for my two sister's kids too. My younger sister has to have everything match and wasn't using hers so I asked for them. Now my other kids have my sweet friend's stocking too.

Brady got coal.

Shepard's first CHRISTmas. He was almost giddy.

Remi's first too!

The kids had a good CHRISTmas. That night they were TIRED! Lyric cried during the night several times from just being out of her head. Finally around 2:00am she comes in and says "I know what is bothering me. I keep dreaming the kids won't leave my toys alone."

Come and get it!

My sister made this cake for Jesus. I put the mice on the desserts. Maybe I should have left it off His cake.

After a hard day you gotta love this dirty little face.

She waited a long time for this daddy.

My brother's wife from Moscow and such a lovely lady.