Good people

We had a get together with some good people.

Terri proud of her new daughter and why wouldn't you be?! Whose having fun behind them?

My Shepard with the new kid on the block. Don't they resemble? They both speak Chinese, but too new to their new life to want to speak to one another. Hopefully, soon.

My friend Judy came for a visit. Yeah! This is one of her girls.

More of Judy's girls and her hubby.

Another one of Judy's daughter in the orange. She is with my niece and Arden.

Do they look like they had some fun?

My friend Ginger's daughter teaches sign. She is signing with Judy's son Jeffery. He was totally bummed when she left.

Ginger's new daughter. Her and Remi have been having fun together.

Teri and her new daughter dimples... I mean Reagan.

We have been blessed to travel to China with Teri and Mike two times! We had a great trip both times. Kathy on Teri's left has grown kids and getting ready to adopt a 3 y.o. girl from China. When He knocks you answer.

Kathy's daughter is on the bottom right.

More folks

My niece Payton and Remi. Remi has been home 6 months now.