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Can't believe I am so close to graduating!

I'm so proud of my beautiful daughter Lael. And though I am very proud of Lael for her success at Marian University and Riley Hospital, there is so much more to be proud of. She is so beautiful inside and out and really has it together, especially for a 22 year old. Lael loves God, and everything else flows from there.

FYI.  Lael's middle name is not Bell.  Ha!  She likes to call herself that???  When Lael was little people would mispronounce her name and say, Leal.  I taught Lael to say it rhymes with Bell.  It stuck!!   Lael used to say to people, "Hi!  I'm from China.  My name is Lael.  It rhymes with Bell."  Maybe she still does say it.  : - )

And her real name is Lael Bian Grace.   Bian is pronounced Bien bc it's her Chinese name she came with.