Well, my beautiful friend, Ginger, called me bright and early the other morning.  She was concerned about Boone.   She says, "What's up with Boone?!!  You always blogged about Boone, but now hardly anything!"   

OK,  friend... you do know I've had to deal with three surgeries in two months right?  LOL  Along with several visits back to the hospital every week.  You know that?

Boone is doing well.  He has been good at school.  He likes his teacher.  He is making pretty good grades too. He actually cares now!  :- )  He also recently accepted Jesus and was baptized!  More about that later. 









Well we got a new cat, because the last one bit the dust!  Actually, he was out prowling and got ran over.  Yeah, the kids missed him and I "kind of" liked him too. He was a good cat.  Not that handsome, but good.

So meet Olive (Bret named her).

Me:  "Darby fixed Olive a new toy in the in the garage."  

Boone:  "Darby ha-th such a good kind heart."

OK, that may be overdoing it just a bit.  



But here is what made me really laugh this week...   All the other kids had left for school.  It was just me and Boone (and Jeeves and Olive).  There are certain things I just don't do around here.  One is touch the cat in any way shape or form.  I don't even touch Jeeves any more than I have to.  

Boone:  "The garage stinks!!  The cat did not use the litter box!!  It is gross!  He used the blanket in the chair."

Me:  "Just throw the blanket in the trash!"  

Boone runs out in the rain and throws the blanket in the back yard trash can.  He runs back in the garage to get his things ready for school.  

Me:  "OMGosh...  the cat messed on that sheet too!  Boone throw that sheet away too.  And clean up this over here."   

Boone runs back out in the rain.  Runs back in the garage to wash his hands.  We finally get in the car and get to school.  Boone jumps out of the car.

Boone:  "I stink!!  I have cat poop on my shoe!"

Now a good mother would have gone home and brought back a different pair of shoes right?

Me:  "Stop by the bathroom and wash it off."  

For some reason, my sister and I laughed our heads off.  Boone's teacher may hate me though.  


Bret ran out in the garage and did a photo shoot.  Like we are cat people.  We are not cat people.  Trust me.




Bret sneaked the cat in her room.  No!!  Can't do a cat in the house. 


Update: I was worried we had some kind of weird cat.  A cat that would not use the litter box.  What do you do with a cat like that?!!  But before Boone left for school, I had him take the lid off the litter box.  The next time the cat used the litter box!  LOL  So I guess Olive will be staying. 

 Another Update:  I purposely touched the cat.