Yesterday someone sent me this picture.  I had never  seen it before!  I don't even know where it was taken.  But, it was pretty cool to see a family photo you didn't know existed.  It is of my parents and most of us kids. 


I'm standing like Superwoman next to my brothers.  Well, I do have twelve kids.  : - ))))  I could handle twelve more too!  LOL  I wasn't a tomboy, but at home I was often very naughty.  My Mom had a set of rules for home and a different set of rules for when we were out in public.  So, as long as no one knew what was going on at home she didn't seem to mind how crazy, loud or whinny we all got.  If her parents or family were around though look out!  We then all turned into little saints.  We had to be quiet,  no fighting, offer our chair to our grandparents, and lord help us if we EVER, EVER talked back in front of her parents.    

My Dad is holding my little sister.  He had his favorites.  One of them was her.  Maybe because she was the baby but,  I think he really, really loved her blond hair and very blue eyes.