My kind of son!  : - )

Today I had to take a pair of pants back to Loft.  So, I walk in with my bag and start to shop.  Boone took the bag from me.  

Boone:  "Give me your charge.  I'll do it."  

I handed him my charge and proceed to look around the store.  A few minutes later Boone comes back with my charge and the receipt.  I'm sure it was a little different than the sales lady was used to.  : - )   


LOL  Boone makes me laugh.


The funny part was Sunday before church Lael said I made her do too much when she was a kid.  But, Lael was like Boone.  She always took matters in her own hands.  She did things like make her own doctors appointments when she was only 12 y.o.  I remember our eye doctor telling me he never had a kid do that before. 



"What does the Bible say about sons?"


Son in the Bible is used in several different ways, but it always refers to a relationship or affiliation. In Hebrew, it is ben (think “Benjamin,” which means “son of my right hand”), in Aramaic bar (“Simon Bar-Jonah” of Matthew 16:17), and in Greek, auios. It is most often used to indicate a direct descendent—either a child or a grandchild. But son is also used as a metaphor to reflect a characteristic, profession, or citizenship.