Remi Adria Cai was blessed to get to visit once again with her foster sister.  Foster sister--not to be confused with her biological sister, Abi, or her adoptive sisters, Whitney, Lael, Arden, Bret, Lyric and Cokie.  Are you confused yet?  

Remi Adria lived four years in China with her foster sister.  We adopted Remi when she was 10 y.o.  Soon after, her foster sister was adopted and moved to the U.S.,  but on the other side of the country.  Remi Adria's biological sister was adopted two weeks before Remi.  At the time, Remi thought her biological sister was only her best friend, and it wasn't until three years later that we realized they were actually biological sisters.  It was confirmed by DNA testing. 

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Remi has been able to visit with her foster sister every year since they were adopted.  They have a special connection and always pick right up where they left off.